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The core values are people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, excellence and scientific development.

People oriented: firmly establish the humanistic concept, pay attention to the health and safety of the staff, respect and maintain the personal interests of the employees, and earnestly fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise to the employees.

Honesty and integrity: integrity is the foundation of an enterprise and quality is the foundation for building credibility. The company always adheres to abide by the law, customer first, quality products and good reputation, and effectively enhance the company's participation in the market competitiveness.

Excellence: continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction, continuous optimization of process control, and strong brand name.

Scientific development: by relying on scientific development, innovating the concept of development, changing the way of development, taking the road of specialization, intensification, refinement and information, the company vigorously promotes technological innovation and circular economy, and continues to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, providing a strong guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

Corporate culture is the guiding principle for the healthy development of the company and the values that all employees follow and believe in. Through effective communication mechanism and way, companies can communicate and disseminate corporate culture smoothly inside and outside the company. The company's business mission, vision, values, and business philosophy are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and have been widely recognized by employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders.

Address: New Materials Trading Center, Renmin Road, Zhangdian Zibo City, China

Phone: 0086 - 533 - 3149121

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