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Human resources are the first resources for the development of enterprises. The company firmly establishes the concept of "people-oriented, integrity and integrity", and is committed to achieving a high degree of unity between the comprehensive development of enterprises and the realization of staff value.

By establishing a perfect human resource management system, we should establish and improve the incentive and constraint mechanism of talent evaluation discovery, selection and appointment, performance appraisal and so on, and strive to create a good atmosphere of "stage charisp, career achievement person, mechanism motivating person, reward encouraging person, emotional caring person", and for the smooth development of the company's overall strategic goal. The implementation has provided strong talent guarantee and extensive intellectual support.

Human policy: The combination of virtue and talent, the five lakes and the old and the middle and the middle.

Human concept: Speaking of diplomas, they are more level oriented, professional titles, more competent, more experienced, more able to speak, and more qualified to contribute.

The principle of selection: Fair competition, survival of the fittest, personnel can enter and exit, jobs can rise and fall, income can be high energy and low.


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