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Isopropyl Alcohol
CAS No: 67-63-0 EINECS No: 200-661-7 Melting point: -88.5°C Boiling point: 82.45°C
Maleic Anhydride
CAS NO : 108-31-6EC NO : 203-571-6MF : C4H2O3MW : 98.05808Packing : 25kg/bagSynonyms : 2,5-Furandione;cis-Butenedioic anhydride;Sodium n-amylxanthate;Maleic
CAS NO : 108-78-1EC NO : 203-615-4MF : C3H6N6MW : 126.1358Specification: Purity, wt.%:99.8%MIN Moisture,wt.%:0.1%MAX Ash, wt.%:0.03%MAX Turbidity, degree:20M
Methylene Chloride
Methylene chloride is Colorless liquid,with characteristic odor.Relative density D4 201.326, melting point-96.7℃, Boiling point: 40.4℃, If it is mixed with h
Methyl Acetate
Application: Used in paints,synthetic leather,leather surface treated,agents,wash gun water(spray factory),can instead of acetone,MEK,acetone,ethyl acetate and
CAS No.:109-99-9Molecular Formula: C4H8OQuality Standard: 99.90%Specification of Tetrahydrofuran THF: Purity 99.90%min Moisture 0.01%
N,N-dimethyl Acetamide (DMAC)
MF: C4H9NOCas No: 127-19-5UN No.: 1279EINECS No: 204-826-4Boiling point: 95-96 °C(lit.)Density: 1.156 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)Flashing point: 77℃Molecular
N,N-Dimthyl Formamide (DMF)
CAS NO : 68-12-2EC NO : 200-679-5MF : C3H7NOMW : 73.09Packing : 190kg/durmUses : It is an excellent organic solvent and an important chemical raw material,
Formic Acid
Popular name: Methanoic acid
CAS NO.: 64-18-6
EINECS: 200-579-1
Molecular formula: CH2O2, HCOOH
Formula weight: 46.03
Melting point: 8.6 ℃
Density: 1.22
Glacial Acetic Acid
1 Popular name: Acetic acid & Glacial acetic acid &Acetic acid glacial2 CAS NO.: 64-19-73 EINECS: 200-580-74 Molecular formula: C2H4O2 ,CH3COOH5 Formula weight:

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