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N,N-Dimthyl Formamide (DMF)


CAS NO : 68-12-2

EC NO :  200-679-5

MF :  C3H7NO

MW :  73.09

Packing : 190kg/durm

Uses :  It is an excellent organic solvent and an important chemical raw material, which is widely used in the fields of petrochemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, leather, painting, organic synthesis, etc.
Synonyms : DMF;Formdimethylamide;Dimethyl Formamide ;Formyldimethylamine;N,N-dimethyl Formamide;Dimethylformamide;
Dimethylformamide (DMF) is colorless and transparent liquid with the formula C3H7NO. With stable chemical properties, DMF is important chemical raw materials and excellent industrial solvents. Since miscible with water and the majority of organic and inorganic liquids, and a lot of polymers could be dissolved in it, DMF is called universal solvent. It is widely used in the industries of polyurethane, leather, fiber, acrylic fiber, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, petroleum, chemicals, dyes, coating, metalworking and electronics, etc.

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