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Methyl Acetate


Application: Used in paints,synthetic leather,leather surface treated,agents,wash gun water(spray factory),can instead of acetone,MEK,acetone,ethyl acetate and other high cost or dangerous chemicals solvent. 

Character: Low-toxic,strong,solvency,lowcost,safe chemical,easy to order.

Solvency:against nitro-cotton is similar as MEK and 3.4times more than ethyl acetate and 4.5times more than toluene,2.7times more than butyl acetate.


  • 1, with most organic solvents;
  • 2, with a wide range of solubility, dissolved acrylic, vinyl, nitro cellulose, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, phenolic resin;
  • 3, than the acetone has a higher flash point and higher control performance, can better meet coating, paint formulation and process the user's requirements.
  • 4, in the process of formulation requires the use of low boiling point volatile organic solvent, the application can replace acetate and acetone, butanone;
  • 5, the material can replace polyurethane cyclopentane as foaming agent, such as HCFCs, environmental protection
  • 6, the use of environmentally friendly solvents, not limited.

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